Commando Skydivers Since 1961

Commando Skydivers is Victoria’s longest running skydiving club, with over 51 years of continuous operation.

No matter what you're looking for - a Tandem skydive experience, or a Learn to Skydive course, we have just the package for you

Australia's highest skydive from 14,000ft giving you up to 60 seconds of freefall! We provide complete training, and can even record this special event with a custom DVD and stills photos, so you can re-live your awesome skydiving experience over and over again!

Located at Latrobe Regional Airport, with a host of activities available at the airport, we encourage you to turn your experience into a memorable adventure and invite your friends and family.

Our aircraft facilities are built to handle groups of any size and our instructors will ensure your jump is as memorable as it is exhilarating. The flight to height will take you over the Latrobe Valley, and give you an entirely new perspective of the Gippsland region. 

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