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About Skydiving

A tandem skydive is a great way to experience the thrill of a 200km/h freefall, and create a memory which will last a lifetime! A skydive is the ULTIMATE adrenaline rush, and will keep you grinning from ear to ear for weeks.

Upon arrival at the drop zone you will meet your tandem master, and be given your introduction to skydiving with a safety briefing covering all of the important aspects of your skydive. There's no prior experience needed as you will be attached to a highly qualified tandem instructor during your entire skydive experience, and you know you're in safe hands as all of our instructors are qualified through the Australian Parachute Federation.

From there, it's straight onto the plane for a scenic flight to altitude, over the Latrobe Valley, giving you an entirely new perspective of the Gippsland region. 

On the way up, you will be secured to your tandem master (they're a good person to have around when you plan on jumping out of a plane!), the door will open, the wind will come rushing in, and it's time to go!

Freefall - words can't describe it! You'll be hurtling towards the planet at over 200km/h, for the longest 30 - 60 seconds of your life! (depending on what height you jump from)

The parachute equipment used is a highly specialized system, designed for use by two people. Your tandem master will deploy the main parachute, and if you want to he can give you a chance to fly the parachute as you gracefully steer your way down to a smooth landing.

Your video will be screened for you straight after your skydive, giving your friends and family the chance to share your excitement. We enjoy your company, so please feel free to stay and watch the other skydiving activity at the club.