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Tips For Planning Your First Skydive The Smart Way

Looking to make your first skydive an Amazing and Memorable Experience? Established in 1961, we are Victoria’s longest continuous operating skydiving club. The decision to taking your first skydive is a big one and planning it out can make it an experience that will forever be cherished. If you want to plan your skydive…
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Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving Explained: What Is A Tandem Jump?

Are you new to skydiving and have questions about tandem jumping? A tandem jump (or tandem skydive) involves two people jumping together and strapped to each other through the entire descent. The connecting straps are used in a way that one person floats above the other during the freefall. It is not possible to tandem…
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7 Reasons To Take The Plunge & Try Skydiving

Have you always wanted to try skydiving? The idea of skydiving can sound exciting but it’s natural to feel hesitant about the experience.  First-time skydivers are generally a little nervous, yet still you may want to experience the thrill of falling through the open air. If you are considering the idea of skydiving but…
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