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The buzz doesn’t get any better than this. If you’re looking for the daredevil in yourself then look no further, this is for you. Try Solo Skydive ! -$395

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This is a two day course that covers all aspects of your jump.

This solo skydive training method has just been introduced in Australia and due to our experience and long history training skydivers. Commando’s is the first of only two Drop Zones in Australia approved to use it.

On arrival day 1: You will be introduced to your course instructor who is a highly experienced and accredited person within the Australian Parachute Federation whom throughout the day will cover a broad range of topics all designed to make your solo skydiving as safe and memorable as possible. Classroom lessons where you will learn what will be required of you as well as practical work covering safety and what to do whilst in exiting the aircraft, under canopy and landing.

At the completion of day 1: You will be required to sit a multiple choice exam from which you will then cover some of your requirements for your first jump sequence that will be take place on the second day.

On arrival day 2 (Sunday): Once your exam has the tick of approval we move into some additional ground training from which point you will be introduced to the AFF instructors that will be accompanying you on your jump. After a final run through and checks we go and parachute.

From this point on you just have to be there to understand the experience that you are about to embark on, from shear exhilaration to self-accomplishment that comes from a parachute descent.

Solo Skydive is a well proven training method used around the world to train skydivers. At Melbourne’s Commando Skydivers we have adapted this training method to suit civilian needs and provide a complete training course.

Your initial two day training course covers everything you need to know, includes equipment and aircraft hire as well as your first jump. The first four jumps on this program use an Instructor Aided Deployment (IAD) method (your instructor deploys your parachute). From then on you move on to opening and flying the parachute yourself.

Stuff You Need To Know – Solo Skydiving in Melbourne
  • Age – from 16 years upwards.
  • Dress Code – something comfortable you would wear to exercise outside, and sports shoes.
  • Weight – maximum weight is 100kg.
  • Once you’ve completed the nine stages of the Solo Skydiving Jump course in Melbourne, you’ll have your “A” license and you’ll be ready to enjoy the exciting new world of skydiving!

Learn Solo Skydive Straight from Melbourne’s Experts

Ready for solo skydive? We understand that skydiving is truly a splendid experience that gives you the rush and thrill to explore more. Commando Skydivers’ team of professional skydiving instructors are dedicated to making your journey memorable. We are here to guide you during your first tandem and freefall session.

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Our solo skydiving in Melbourne is made for beginners who have just started their journey to the world of skydiving. Learn from our expert skydiving instructors and prepare yourself to take the solo jump from the plane will full enthusiasm. We are confident about what we do which is why we are equipped with the resources and technology to help you become a certified skydiver.

To prepare yourself for your first solo skydiving, call us on 1300 555 956 today.

At Commando Skydivers, we take the utmost care of your safety. We know that skydiving is not an easy sport which is why we have designed a comprehensive program just for you. The course for solo skydiving in Melbourne includes learning about:

  • Freefall and canopy skills
  • Maintaining stable body movements
  • Basics of skydiving
  • Opening and using parachutes
  • Various skydiving styles
  • Changing/adjusting belt loops
  • Using skydiving tools and equipment
  • Exiting the aircraft and landing properly

Learn under the guidance of our licensed instructors. After the training is finished, they will conduct a written and practical exam to assess your skills. We work with you until you are confident and qualified to fly in the air.

Choose the Highly Rated Solo Skydiving In Melbourne

If you want to become a certified solo skydiver, then you can rely on the expert services of Commando Skydivers. We offer flexible skydiver training programs where you can learn everything you need to know in order to become a professional skydiver.

We recommend you check out our tandem skydiving programs. From new freefall tricks to deploying your parachute, the solo skydive covers it all. We are sure you’ll be able to develop and polish your skydive skills quickly when you learn from the best.

After the completion of the comprehensive training, you will perform certain skydiving tasks on your own. Our courses for solo skydiving In Melbourne are meant for anyone who wishes to become a qualified skydiver and practice solo skydiving.

Why Choose Our Services?

Our skydiving club is run by a group of the best industry experts. Explore our tailored plans and choose the services according to your level of expertise. Even if you have no prior experience in skydiving, there is no need to worry. Our accelerated freefall skydiving and tandem skydiving programs have helped thousands of beginners become certified skydivers and instructors. We ensure you we can help you achieve your goals and dream of flying high in the air.

If you need a FREE quote, connect with our staff and share your requirements. We will then prepare a quote and send it to you.

View our pricing plans on our website.

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