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Have you ever wondered why some people walk around smiling? It’s because they’ve been Tandem skydiving in Latrobe
Valley, Victoria! – From $359

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Tandem skydiving is a great way to experience the thrill of a 200km/h freefall and create a memory which will last a lifetime! Skydiving in Victoria is the ULTIMATE adrenaline rush that will keep you grinning from ear to ear for weeks to come.

Upon arrival at the drop zone you will meet your tandem skydiving instructor and be given a safety briefing to cover all of the important aspects of your skydive.

There’s no prior experience needed for tandem skydiving Victoria as you will be attached to a highly qualified tandem instructor during your entire skydive experience. You’ll know you’re in safe hands as all of our tandem skydiving instructors are qualified through the Australian Parachute Federation.
From there it’s straight onto the plane for a scenic flight to altitude over Latrobe Valley Bay with panoramic views of Mountains Bulla and Baw Baw as well as Wilson’s Promontory prior to your own skydiving Victoria experience.

On the way up you will be secured to your tandem instructor. When the door opens, the wind will come rushing in and it’s time to go tandem skydiving!
Freefall – words can’t describe it! You’ll be flying towards the planet at over 200km/h freefalling for up to 60 seconds!

Tandem Skydiving in Melbourne

Tandem Parachute Jump – Experience Skydive

The parachute equipment used is a highly specialized system designed for use by two people. Your tandem skydiving instructor will deploy the main parachute and if you want to your tandem master can give you a chance for a tandem parachute jump as you gracefully steer your way down to a smooth landing.
You get to experience tandem skydiving in Latrobe Valley also, from our skydiving professionals. Your video will be prepared for you straight after your skydive, giving your friends and family the chance to share your skydiving over Latrobe Valley, Victoria experience. We enjoy your company so please feel free to stay and watch the other skydiving activities at the club after your own skydive has ended.

Stuff You Need To Know – Tandem Skydiving in Latrobe Valley
  • Age – from 12 years upwards, with under 18’s needing guardian’s consent.
  • Dress Code – something comfortable you would wear to exercise outside, and sports shoes.
  • Weight – Please note that for passengers over 95kg surcharges apply, these are payable on the day of the skydive.
  • Fun – it is mandatory to have a great time and unforgettable experience.

A Tandem Skydiving experience in Latrobe
Valley, to remember for life!

Tandem Skydiving in Melbourne at the Best Prices

Tandem skydiving is one of the safest options for skydiving with a professional instructor. What makes tandem skydiving different from the rest is that two people are connected with straps and they jump off the plane together. Get ready to tick off one more thing to do from your bucket list by choosing us as your partner in the thrilling adventure of skydiving.

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A Tandem skydive gives an excellent opportunity to you if you are going to try skydiving for the first time in your life. At Commando Skydivers, we have what it takes to offer an amazing skydiving experience to beginners. Our highly skilled skydiving instructors will take care of everything right from providing instructions to checking the skydiving gear and equipment.

How Can We Help?

When it comes to skydiving, you need to utilise your whole body to jump off the plane and carry the heavy parachute on your back. It is not advisable to perform your very first skydiving session all by yourself. You need to get adequate training which will be provided by our team. During the training session for a tandem skydive in Melbourne, you will learn how to use the harness correctly and make your jump as safe as possible. You will also learn about body positioning and how to keep yourself stable and anxiety-free during the freefall.

Our certified instructors offer innovative ways to make your skydiving experience filled with fun and excitement. It requires less training time as compared to other types of skydiving as your instructor will be operating the equipment. With skydiving, you will also get to enjoy the amazing views of Melbourne.

We consider tandem skydiving as a foundation of learning and experiencing the true essence of skydiving. We make sure that people who choose our tailored packages learn all about tandem skydives from our professionals. When you try skydiving with them you will be reassured that you are in safe hands.

How It Works?

The skydiving begins with a quick briefing from the instructors. You will learn the various techniques of exit jumps from the plane. After the training sessions, you will fly with a certified instructor on the plane. You can enjoy 8 to 10 minutes of flying safely while enjoying the coastal view.

Why Choose Us?

  • Tailored packages for tandem skydiving
  • Skydiving support team ready to assist you
  • Adherence to the skydiving safety requirements and procedures
  • State-of-the-art skydiving equipment
  • Team of licensed and highly-trained skydiving instructors

Considering the current ongoing global pandemic COVID-19, we are taking all the precautions to avoid physical contact. Our staff practices social distancing, take regular temperature checks and wear a mask before entering the training zone.

Choose the best-tailored package for a tandem skydive in Melbourne today.

Want to know about our tandem skydiving plans or process? Give us a quick call on 1300 555 956 and book your skydiving session today. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

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