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Brief info

J9 (Janine Hayes) – Senior Instructor - DZSO - AFF, Aussie Bigways Mentor, Precision Accuracy Coach
A passionate skydiver for the last 40 years Janine is a local of the Latrobe Valley having jumped in the area for the last 20 years.
She is keen to see the younger generations progress through the sport and is always excited to share in their experience whether on an AFF jump or assisting with landings.
Janine has represented Australia in competitions around the world in the discipline of style and accuracy precision landing.
Her most recent Australian Records have been in Aussie Bigway Skydiving participating on thebAustralian record 130 way.
Janine is currently part of a four way team What’s Next and feels you are never too old to learn new things.
She believes that Skydiving is a lifestyle choice, a wonderful opportunity to expand your horizons through the amazing community you meet both in Australia and overseas while sharing the thrills that the sport has to offer.