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Looking to make your first skydive an Amazing and Memorable Experience?

Established in 1961, we are Victoria’s longest continuous operating skydiving club. The decision to taking your first skydive is a big one and planning it out can make it an experience that will forever be cherished. If you want to plan your skydive but you’re unsure where to start, this guide will make it easier for you.

Do your homework

The first step involves research and you need to find a safe and reliable skydiving centre. All drop zones are not the same and you need to ensure that the one you choose adheres to stringent guidelines in terms of professionalism and safety. If you are not satisfied, make sure to explore other options. 

Reading reviews online is important and you can make a note of the positive and negative comments to make an informed choice. Reading the feedback of other people will give you an idea about the questions that you may want to ask the skydiving centre.

Understand what to expect

After you have chosen the drop zone, the next step involves understanding the process. You need to know what to expect and how to go about the check-in, training, plane boarding, cruising through the height and exiting the aircraft and landing. These are amazing moments that you will forever cherish and doing a bit of research will ensure that you are able to make the most of the moments.

Snacks to carry

It is important to be thoughtful about what you eat before you head for the skies. Your body needs to be well-nourished but make sure not to eat a lot. It is also a good idea to pack some snacks as wind and rain can make you wait longer than expected.

Sleep well the night before

Skydiving for the first time is a huge decision and you may feel nervous. However, be kind to yourself and prepare your body for the experience with good sleep.


The temperature on the ground and up in the clouds are not the same and dressing up in close-fitting layers will keep you comfortable. You can go for yoga pants or leggings along with long-sleeved shirts or a t-shirt. There are drop zones that offer a jumpsuit and it is a good idea to go for it. Jumpsuits ensure that there are no costume malfunctions and that it is a smooth experience.

Capture your skydive moments

People often regret not getting the photo or video package of the awe-inspiring moments. Make sure you go for it. Skydiving is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you need to make the most of your experience. Some skydive companies prefer to fill vacant slots, while others focus on delivering a once in a lifetime experience.

 It should become evident during your research which is which, and where you can, you always want to choose the people focused on giving you a good time. You can also choose a centre to learn to skydive for a solo skydive.

If you’re looking for skydiving in Gippsland, look no further! 

At Commando Skydivers, we offer safe skydiving experiences in South Gippsland. Connect with us to find out more.